SD: Eunhyuk-ahh please sit down!


Happy 7th Debut Anniversary, Kyuhyun!
The day: Super Junior with Kyuhyun.

EunHyuk: “My best memory is when Kyuhyun joined Super Junior.”

Yesung: “Kyuhyun plays pranks one me all the time, but when I’m in a bad mood, he always stays by my side to comfort me. A few days ago, we stayed up till the break of dawn just talking. At that time, it just felt like we were friends [not co-workers].”

Siwon: “The member that I would want to become the most is Kyuhyun. I really want to bear all his pain for him.”

Ryeowook: “I learn a lot from Kyuhyun. Sometimes he feels like a dongsaeng, sometimes like a hyung. But he’s a friend too, and I really like him. I also love singing with him because I think he has the best voice out of everyone. Ah.. he has a great voice, and he is a friend with lots of dreams. I love Kyuhyun and I trust him as much as I trust Teukie hyung.”

”Kyuhyun, you add such a special and wonderful colour to the lives of Super Junior and ELF. You are one in a million, an artiste whose singing touches the lives of many, whose life testimony encourages many, whose humility brings reflection on many, whose dorkiness brings laugher to many….you are a whole lot of many things to many people. Thank you for always work hard. Happy 7th Anniversary to one and only Kyuhyun, our eternal shining star.”

We love you ♥

Donghae air hug

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Why I Like You - Super Junior

(You make my heartbeat race, go out of place
When you say I love you, yes I love you
I gotta see you, gotta be near you
You brighten up my day, yes every day
You always know the way, the things to say
I gotta see you, gotta be near you
And that is why I love you)